Tbilisi The Stress free destination to get married

Looking for no-hassle destination to get married , Tbilisi offers you particularly good value opportunity to get your goal!

If you want escape high prices, interfering in laws and seating nightmares, the capital of Georgia is the destination for you.

This stress free city for wedding is becoming the number one choice in Europe and middle east areas, why?

Compairing all the other destination documents request to apply for wedding, here you need only to show your passport  for your marriage and that is all!

Yes, no birthday certificate,  no publish banns ,no certificate of no impediment, no affidavit statement where you reside, no certificate of residence, and so on!

That is why Tbilisi is now the best place to elope! if you chose to forgo the crowds for something more intimate, Georgia is your wedding and honeymoon location.

In Tbilisi you will stay always on budget, elegant venues, panoramic restaurants, flavored Georgian food at really affordable price.

What else? Call a bunch of good friends  to fly in Georgia and enjoy your best day.


How to get married in Tbilisi?

Help and services for your marriage and ceremony in Tbilisi