Easy Wedding for foreigners in Tbilisi

We are ready to make your wishes come true!
Are you both from different countries, nationalities, expat in UAE, Qatar or whatever your business or love drove you and you are looking for no-hassle destination to get married ?
Tbilisi offers you particularly good value opportunity to get your goal!
If you want escape high prices, interfering in laws and seating nightmares, the capital of Georgia is the destination for you.
We can organize your marriage in Georgia, internationally recognized, in few working days, including a special photography service for your neverending memories!
If you wish more, bringing your guest for a fancy party, just ask and we will be happy to help you!
Book now your wedding and you will get a special prize.
Please have a look to my info page How to get married in Tbilisi or just  contact me or simply fill up the for below:
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