The italian poet Claudio Pozzani in Tbilisi

Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-1 Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-2 Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-3 Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-4 Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-5 Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-6 Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-7 Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-8 Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-9 Claudio-Pozzani-a-Tbilisi-10

Claudio Pozzani in Tbilisi!
Some portraitsa of this great poet!
You can have a look of his perfomance in youtube by clicking here
Special thanks to Claudio Pozzani, Nunu Geladze, Nino Tsertsvadze and Natasha Lomouri organizer of the first Tbilisi International Festival of Literature
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