Photography shooting in Georgian national dress

What to wear for a photo shoot to be really unforgettable and amazing for your friends to show? The national Georgian dress is certainly one of the most fashion in the world for elegance and style.

We promote the photography tour in Tbilisi and you can even think to hire a National Georgian dress (Choka) for outstanding photos.

Prepare yourself! Walking in the Old town, hundred tourists and foreigners would like to join the stage and to get photos with you. it will be a joining moment with different people, cultures and etnia.

In this photography tour, you will experience an elegant Chokha makeover and have a professional photo shoot with an experienced photographer. You can even visit the most attractive spots in Tbilisi old town and have photos taken anywhere in the area. You won’t want to miss this memorable experience with friends and family in beautiful Georgia!

Ready for the tour? Just contact me.

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