Expat Love getting married abroad

Nowadays the work move people around the world and some couples decide to make marriage in the distance because they are expats in another country, the partners are from different states or they fall in love while traveling. Many expats from Dubai, Doha, United Emirates and middle east area found out Tbilisi the best chance for marriage. We have the opportunity to photograph people from worldwide and assist them in all the bureaucracy issues can occur managing the marriage in a foreign language and matching the international bureacracy to be legal in their states and in the third part country where they are actually residents. Our photography service is oriented to respect the different nationalities, religion and behaviors, our bureaucracy management to set up smoothly all the need bureaucracy requires.

Being interested to get married abroad and to make your expat status a value and not a trouble to power your love, you can consider to hire us the most important day of your life, for a basic or a premium service belong the number of the guests or without guest, just you both and by hand, maybe eloped some day from work for this unforgettable date.

Phototbilisi and Tbilisi Loves You are ready to perform your wedding abroad with transparency, professionality and lovely service.


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