In Tbilisi You can Get married fast easy legally

So many people came to Tbilisi to get married with us.

I did not expect my way to photograph and to help them in all the issues regarding bureaucracy was going to be a unique service to be set up in the smooth and professional way.

I love foreign people getting married here, especially when they are from different nations too. I did not expect how many new styles, tradition, behavior make the moments different.

That is why I decide to focus my photography target in foreigners more than in local citizens. It is always different, always something special to get in unique photos, unique moments.

Some they elope from a third part country where some religious restriction gave too many troubles, some wish to make a special event with thir relatives in exclusive way, some they ask me informal and casual style.

I think I power their Love, that is my joyful.

Your wedding abroad could be more easy than you think.

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Tbilisi the stress free destination to get married

Love me in Tbilisi